My Private Links!
Free Quality XXX Adult Links

Dear Webmaster,
In an effort to generate quality traffic amongst quality sites, I have created this traffic portal.

I am only linking to free adult sites (TGPs, MGPs, Link Lists, Erotic Story Sites, etc..) who have quality content and do not jerk the surfers around.
I am not going to have any advertisements on the site at all, nor will I have a trade script or any way to force traffic.
Since it comes from quality sites and will be clicked, text link traffic only, the productivity should be high.
I will be hand reviewing and hand adding each site to the database.

For the system to work, all sites must follow these rules:
1) Absolutely No blind linking. (To ads or to trades. Text or thumbs)
2) No pop ups. (Pop Overs, unders, arounds, sideways. Nada!)
3) No dialers or any type of auto downloads.
4) No auto homepage setting or other scripts.
5) No geo redirects
6) No bullshit of any kind!!!
7) Our link must be on a main page of some sort. (We're not looking for you to burry our link on a links page. Or even burry it on a main page)
The whole idea is to exchange surfers who are looking for content. We will be keepin an eye on the in/out traffic and delete anyone who is not sending traffic.
8) No Fake TGPs, hubs or crap you threw together. Real sites only.
9) You must be able to send cosistant, daily traffic.

Surfers don't want, like or need that bullshit and your really just ruining, not only a surfers experience while surfing, but the industry you are working in as well.(If you don't see how, then that just proves my point even further.)
So we don't want to link to it here.

All links on the site will rotate on a daily basis, as well as the entire categories. So everyone will eventually have a chance to get top placement on the site.

If you have a quality site with content and none of the crap listed above, and this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, please send us an email to:
webmaster (at) with your URL, an idea of where we'll be lionked and an idea of how much traffic you'd be sending.

We will review your site and add it to the database and email you back if it is accepted.


If you don't enjoy adult content please use one of these to exit the site:
: Altavista : Aol : Dmoz : Excite : Google : Goto : Hotbot : Lycos : Msn : Webcrawler : Yahoo : Site List :